• A Burning Dream

An amazing journey of release, relearning and rebirth.

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What If?

What if the world was a place were you would be free to express yourself in whatever way that happens to be?

What if people wouldn’t be afraid to show their diversity and feel accepted without any need to conform?

What if someone’s value was determined by his personality and function in the community, not by his salary or status?

What if everyone would just give, without being asked or expecting anything back and the world would be ruled by the “Gift Economy”?

What if art, music, performances were free, available to anyone at any time and only a few steps away from your door?

What if there was no war or religion and anyone could follow freely his own spirituality?

What if… a place like this already exists?

A journey to Black Rock City, the city of 50,000 people that is literally built up every year since 1986 in the occasion of the Burning Man Festival right in the middle of the Nevada Desert, in one of the harshest, unimaginable terrain of the world.

About The Project

``A Wonderfully observed personal film, full of insight, stunning images and great characters. Brilliant soundscape and music. Highly recommended.``
Pat Ferns - International Institute for Television Leadership Director

Photo courtesy of Maximiliano Allendes Medeiros

A Burning Dream brings you right into the personal journey of a man in search of a deeper meaning to this rushed and superficial life. Although many documentaries have already been done about the Burning Man, this is the first which portrays it in a completely truthful way. A Burning Dream gets right to the core of what really happens at the festival, within yourself and without.

A journey to Black Rock City, the city of 60,000 people that is literally built up every year since 1986 in the occasion of the Burning Man Festival right in the middle of the Nevada Desert, in one of the harshest terrain of this world.

A place where you have permission to do whatever bumps in your mind, in the name of extreme self-expression, art, discovery, freedom.


Release, relearning, and rebirth.

When one of Massimiliano’s best friends dies, he starts wondering about the sense of living a rushed and unsatisfied life and leaves to a -once in a lifetime- journey, from Rome to London, San Francisco and eventually to Black Rock City. Here Massimiliano discovers a new way of being and, finally, have the chance to say the last goodbye to his friend and to let him go. It is an amazing journey of release, relearning, and rebirth.
This movie shows everyone, Burners and no-Burners alike, which is the spiritual core of the Burning Man, how it changes people. And it does it through emotions, not rationality. You’ll live the Burning Man experience through the main character’s eyes and you will come out on the other side deeply transformed.

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Photo courtesy of Maximiliano Allendes Medeiros

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A Burning Dream

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Music Composers

A massive thank goes to the composers whose music made this documentary something more than a movie, a real journey.

As all the professionals who worked so hard to this project with basically no budget, they contributed to the completion of this movie because they believed in it and they wanted to be part of it.

Music, especially in the second part, is fundamental because as the main character loses himself in this new world, words and sentences lose importance.

Eyes and ears become the new way of learning. Some of the tracks have been composed while the editing process was still going on, sometimes the music followed the images while sometimes it was all the way around.

The result is a balance between music and video which brings you straight at the Burning Man.

Photo courtesy of Maximiliano Allendes Medeiros

Huva Network

Website: http://www.ultimae.com



Website: http://www.ultimae.com/en/composers/SYNC24/index.html

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sync24official

Alex Plowright

Website: http://www.youlicense.com/Artist/AlexPlowright


Emil Axel

Website: https://soundcloud.com/emilatman



Our movie is a no budget and independent project but we are happy we’ve already got a lot of recognition from the public and the critics.

We’ve had the pleasure of showing A Burning Dream in Turin, Rome, Plock and Berlin.

Would you like to host a screening in your city?

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Past Screenings:

Montepeglia, Italy

WAO Festival 2015 – 1/08/2015 h 9:15 PM

Deringaj, Croatia

Lost Theory Festival 2015 – 13/08/2015 h 11:00 PM


Cinemambiente Festival 2014 – 1/06/2014 


Together – 4/11/2014

Il Kino – 03/02/2014

Brancaleone, Shanti – Rome – 13/12/2014



Berlinale European Film Market – 10/02/2014

Zoo Palast – Berlin

European Burning Man Summit – 09/02/2014

Signs Of Dexterity Art Market – 05/10/2014

Greenhouse Gallery


Plock, Polland – 26/07/2014

AudioRiver Music Festival 2014



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